ICross 1610


ICROSS® 1610 is suitable for a smooth fishing kayak to the Fisherman / Hunter.
Suitable uses are: fishing kayak, geat for all types of angling, beaver hunting, waterfowl hunting. Incredibly smooth and stable shooting platform.

ICROSS® 1610 measures 160x95x20 inflated weight 8.6 kg and comes with features adapted for fishing / hunting, as two fasteners on each side for padding, black slip protection. A centered high quality leather strap. Flexible strap for attaching a dry bag. Four D-rings to attach a kayak chair. Four D-rings on the underside to attach the strap. (Carrying strap sold separately) D-ring front. Flexible strap in the top D-ring to secure up to 3 pcs.

ICROSS® 1610 also comes with: Powerful double acting pump. Robust, two piece paddle (223 cm. 114 divided.) Repair kit.

Weight recommendation: 160 kilos | Volume: 240 liters | Inflated weight 8.5 kg | Camouflage

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